Without a piece of paper, we … can we do everything?

Since the time when I was a teacher (this is 2001), a lot has changed in schools. No one has been collecting paperwork for a long time: all the necessary data is already in the electronic school – and moreover, everything is there in the constructor mode. If earlier we filled out some lesson plans manually, in folders, a strict head teacher came and checked, now, when the teacher understands what program he works with, what textbooks he uses, he can download all thematic planning with one click , it doesn’t even need to retype. Even if the teacher did not know how to explain to the children how to write an essay, and for this he used the resource https://editius.com/proofreading-dissertation/ for a detailed explanation, then there was a good result. Decisions that unloaded the teacher from the routine are taken.
Of course, there is still the need to write down homework. But this is the same as when we come to the clinic to see a doctor: it will be strange if he does not write down what problem we turned to him with, what diagnosis he gave us.
Compared to what it was 20 years ago, the number of pieces of paper and reports has drastically reduced. Now the teacher has much more opportunities to carefully prepare for the lessons, to perform the functions of a class teacher.

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